CUBA CANDELA’s private tours remain legal under Trump’s new Cuba policy

MIAMI, June 5, 2019 / Today, the Trump administration eliminated the group “people-to-people” educational travel authorization to Cuba. The other eleven categories of authorized travel, including “support for the Cuban people,” remain unaffected. CUBA CANDELA’s private custom tours for individuals (couples and families) are conducted under the “support for the Cuban people” travel authorization and … Continue reading

SANCHEZ GRASS: El periodismo de vuelta en casa.

Jorge Luis Sanchez Grass

Lo único bueno que traen las desgracias es que sirven para identificar nuevos rostros, escuchar nuevas voces. Tal es el caso del protagonismo alcanzado por Jorge Luis Sánchez Grass en las tardes de America Tevé. Su principal herramienta, un dominio absoluto del idioma  y una manera  meticulosa  de exponer los datos que  nos dejan clavados … Continue reading

Havana Club: Forced from home. Aged in exile. Forever Cuban.

HAVANA CLUB™ rum, distilled in Puerto Rico, has officially announced the launch of its new “Forever Cuban” integrated campaign, which tells the story of the brand’s Cuban heritage and declares that though the brand is no longer produced in Cuba, it is, and will forever be, Cuban. In advance of the upcoming 59th anniversary of … Continue reading