Lee County Alliance for the Arts Presents: Antonio Guerrero “Art vs Life”

MIAMI, Florida— January 28, 2016 – “Meaning” and “Aboutness” are the two essential concepts needed to understand Antonio Guerrero’s artworks. These main basic concepts are found after reading seminal 1964 essay “Artworld” by philosopher Arthur C. Danto. Danto discovered art was a result of intention and context. Justifying belief depends in which place object is … Continue reading

Three Cuban Artists of this Era will exhibit @LuminArte in Dallas, Texas.

Miami, Florida May 19, 2015 – The Cuban Art Project -IMAGES of boats and the horizon are a relative constant in Cuban art. Often times the artwork explores the frustration of artists living under an oppressive regime and the heartbreak of a revolution whose promise has faded. Three of the top Cuban-American artists in the … Continue reading

Di-Verse, line as the unifying element @ The Mexican Cultural Institue

El Instituto Cultural de México invita a visitar  la muestra Di-verse: line as the unifying element, que se exhibirá del 21 de Mayo al 26 de Junio en las instalaciones del ICM. La exposición contará con obras de reconocidos artistas latinoamericanos como: Minerva Ayón, Daniel Bottero, Nahila Campos, Othón Castañeda, Natalia Efe, Daniel Fiorda, Gabriel Garcilazo, … Continue reading