Close Encounters

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Miami, August 4, 2010 – Miami Dade College (MDC) West at Doral has teamed up with the City of Doral’s Economic Development Office and the Public Works department to kick off the first ever Social Fridays in Doral project, which will take place Friday, Aug. 6, from 8 to 11 p.m. The West Gallery will be the first stop in a trolley tour including area hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. Social Fridays in Doral are projected to take place weekly.

As part of the Social Fridays in Doral opening ceremony, the West Gallery will present “Close Encounter,” an art exhibition featuring works by Alejandro Moya, Nathaly Lezcano, Miguel Angel Baez, Ryan Herb, Raymond Fuentes, Alejandro Aguilera, Nora Cervino, Noel Santiesteban, and Antonio Guerrero. City officials will be present as well to commemorate the inaugural event.

“MDC West is proud to serve in partnership with the City of Doral to offer and promote cultural activities such as Social Fridays at Doral,” said Dr. José A. Vicente, President of MDC North Campus and West.


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