Did American Eagle Just Rip off Miami Street Artist?

AholSniffsGlue in front of one of his signature “eyeball” paintings, which he claims was used “without credit or compensation” in an American Eagle ad campaign. Photo by Daniel de las Casas for Tropicult Some old Greek guy once said that the law is reason, free from passion. If that old chestnut held up under scrutiny there’d … Continue reading

“Los Cuatro” an Exhibition of Cuban Contemporary Art

March 19, 2014 Miami, FL : The Cuban Art Project  CU-1 Gallery presents “Los Cuatro” an Exhibition of Cuban Contemporary Art featuring works by Rolando Chang Barrero, Andres Conde, Antonio Guerrero, and Ali Miranda. Each a member of the Cuban diaspora, the four artists on exhibit in “Los Cuatro” represent complex points of view, ranging … Continue reading

The Cuban Art Project-November Art Sale-Artist: Antonio Guerrero

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