Collective Exhibitions


1975 Contemporary Cuban Art, Norway and Sweeden
1976 Permanent Salon of Youngsters, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
1986 II Biennial of Havana, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
1987 National Meeting on Engraving, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
I UNEAC Salon, Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba
1989 II Salón UNEAC, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
1992 International Art Fair, Sevilla, Spain
1995 Doce Cuentos Peregrinos de Gabriel García Márquez, Doce pintores cubanos, (Twelve Singular Stories by Gabriel garcía Márquez, Twelve Cuban Painters) Casa de las Américas, Havana, Cuba and School of Fine Artes, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia and Panama
Cuban Painters in Denmark.
I Salon on Contemporary Cuban Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
1996 Plástica Cubana Actual (Contemporary Cuban Visual Arts), Fotocentro Gallery, Union of Journalists, Moscow Russia Solidarity with Rwanda and Zayre, San Sebastián, Spain
Plástica Cubana Actual (Contemporary Cuban Visual Arts), Cuban Embassy in Beijing, People´s Republic of China
1997 ETECSA Exhibition, Rubén Martínez Villena Hall, UNEAC, Havana, Cuba
Cuban Art, Museum of the Americas, Ballajá Headquarter, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tribute to Dance, Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba
1998 Arco 98 International Fair, Madrid, Spain
II Salon on Contemporary Cuban Art, Havana, Cuba
1999 Imaginaciones Cubanas (Cuban Imaginations), Cultural Center “La Mercé”, Girona, Spain
Exposición Cuba (Cuba Exhibition)— Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2000 Muerte y Vida (Death and Live), International Conference Center Havana, Cuba
Pinceles en Puntas, Estudio (Artist´s Paint Brushes on Tiptoes)-Los Oficios Gallery,-, Havana, Cuba
Pintura Posmedieval Cubana (Post-Middle Age Cuban Painting) o Saint Francis of Asísi Convent, Havana, Cuba
2001 Exposición Aniversario de la Convención de los Derechos del Niño,
(Exhibition: Anniversary of the Convention on Children´s Rights)
UNICEF, National Theater, Havana, Cuba
Homenaje a Lennon (Tribute to Lennon) “José Martí” National Library, Havana, Cuba
1975 Award on Painting, V Provincial Youth Salon, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Award on Painting, V National Youth Salon, National Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba
Mention on Drawing, July 26th Salon National Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba
Second Prize on Painting and First Prize on Drawing, National Salon of Professors and Instructors of Art.
Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba
1976-1978 Award on Painting, Provincial Youth Salon, Holguín Gallery, Holguín, Cuba
1983 Lenin Prize, Higher Studies Arts Institute Arte, Kiev, Ukrania
1989 Award on installation, City Salon, Holguín,Cuba
1997 Award of the Ministry of Culture to the Group of Three Murals at the Hotel Sol del Atlántico, Guardalavaca, Holguín1 Cuba
1995 Special Award from the Institute of Book, I Contemporary Cuban Art Salon, Havana, Cuba
1997 Conmemorative Medal on behalf of Pope John Paul´s visit to Cuba
1998 Award for the National Culture, Havana, Cuba
2000 Ax from Holguín, Holguín, Cuba
2002 Alejo Carpentier Medal, Havana, Cuba
1986 Juventud (Youth) (fresco), El Bosque Motel, Holguín
1987 Alegoría (Allegory) (fresco), Ministry of Communications, Holguín
1988 Sonata (acrílico — panno), Site of Provincial Television, Holguín
Set of three muraes (on cement), Sol del Atlántico Hotel, Guardalavaca, Holguín
2000 San Francisco de Paula (triptic), Church of Paula, Havana
2001 Celia, la flor más autóctona (Celia, the most Autochtonous Flower), School of Social Workers, Holguín
Ilustration of foreign and national books and magazines; book: “Tecnología de la pintura monumental” (being making), national and foreign lectures, jury in several salons, for fifteen years he taught arts and was tutor of numerous thesis.
National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana; National Museum of Fine Arts, Krasnodyar, Russia; Higher Studies Institute of Fine Arts, Kiev Uhrania; Museum of the City, Haana; Museum of the Vatican, Rome, as well as private collectors in: Poland, Ukrania, Mexico, Russia, Tchecoslovakia, Laos, Viet Nam, Italy, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Georgia, Costa Rica, United States of America, Austria, France, Panama, Germany, Puerto Rico and Spain.


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