Alejandro Mazon Artist Statement

Alejandro Mazon

I’m Cuban by birth, Spanish by blood and American by choice. Since my career began in 1990, my artistic vocabulary has centered on the exploration of these identities. Like many Cuban-American artists of my generation, I have used the feelings of exile, memory, alienation, assimilation, rebirth, triumph and reintegration as the foundations of my work.

The Widsdom of the Windmills ©2011 Alejandro Mazon

From the beginning I have intentionally denied artistic originality, by appropriating images from the old masters, Goya, Velázquez, Bosch, and Ingres to name a few. The aim was to establish a dialog between them and I, and to experiment with the tensions between artists at opposite ends of a spectrum and considerable spans of time. Ironically over the years, my very denial of artistic originality, and my appropriations of images has produced an extensive body of work which is not only original, but has often been referred to as “Mazonesque”. It is a body of work that finds a precautious balance between the personal, and the universal.

Exploring the variable presence (or absence) of memory has always played an important part in my creative process. When I work with vintage papers and found objects, I am using the discarded memories of American lives to explore my own life in a country that I have chosen to live in, and I have often struggled to make my own.

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